POLICIESGuidelines On Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards

Department Order No. Do 2021-09-0014

Signed on September 14, 2021

The DOE DC2020-12-0026 adopted the Guidelines on Energy Conserving Design of Buildings to provide energy efficiency guidance in the design and construction of buildings in the Philippines

Further, the DC2021-01-0001 provided for the Guidelines for the Qualifications, Assessment, Registration, and Certification of Certified Energy Conservation Officer CECO). Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) towards raising the professional standards of the Energy Efficiency practitioners.

This Department Order shall govern the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards, including its operationalization, administration, and budgeting.

The purpose of the Department Order are the following:

a. Promote energy management system and best practices on energy efficiency in all designated establishments including local and government facilities:

b. Adopt innovative energy management approaches into policies, guidelines, and practices;

c. Motivate industries in implementing energy management practices to enhance business growth,

d. Acknowledge demonstrated best practices in industries; and

e. Promote renewable energy and energy efficient technologies in Designated Establishments.

The EEE Awards Categories for Energy Management for Industry Buildings are composed of Small and Medium Buildings, Large Buildings, Small and Medium Industry, Large Industry, Green Building (Small and Medium), Green Building (Large), New and Existing Building, Tropical Building, Retrofitted Building.

EEE Awards for Outstanding Individual Groups, Conservation Officer (CECO), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA).

The EEE Awards for Government, National Government Agencies (NGA), State Universities and Colleges (SUC), Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations (GOCC), Local Government Units (LGU).

The EEE Awards Categories for Special Awards for EEE are composed of Innovative use of technology (including R&D projects), EE Projects Implemented and Other Best Practices

Applicants for the EEE Awards for Industries and Buildings must have been operational for three (3) years, including the current fiscal year. Moreover, applicants for EEE Awards for Government should have a 2015 baseline data for the complete assessment of its total Energy Savings and compliant to the GEMP.

EEE Awards Selection Committees are composed of Undersecretary Supervising the Energy Utilization and Management Bureau (EUMB) or his / her designated representative as a Chairman, Assistant Secretary Supervising the EUMB as a Vice- Chairperson, EUMB Director, ESCO Representative, and EE Practitioner Representative are members, and EUMB Office of the Director as the Secretariat. The Energy Utilization Management Bureau shall coordinate with the ESCO and EE Practitioners for their nominees in the committee. Meanwhile, the EEE Awards Validation Committee composed of the Assistant Director as a Head, EUMB Division Chiefs and designated staffs , and EUMB — EPMPD as a Secretariat.