POLICIESOrganizing the Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee

Department Order No. Do 2020-01-0001

Signed on January 09, 2020

Whereas, Republic Act No. 11285 or the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Act, to institutionalize energy efficiency and conservation, enhance the efficient use of energy, and grant incentives to energy efficiency and conservation projects and programs.

The Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee (IACC) shall be composed of the Chairperson and its members. Consistent with Section 36 of the EEC-IRR, members of the IAECC may designate Alternates who will be covered by the appropriate office issuance in writing to discharge the role and responsibilities of their principal.

The IAEECC power and functions are summarized as follows:

1. Prepare an annual assessment of opportunities for energy cost reduction in state-owned and leased buildings and facilities designated by the IAECC.

2. Review all proposed capital projects and energy cost operating budgets of agencies designated by the IAEECC and recommend energy conservation measures that would reduce operating costs in state-owned and leased buildings or facilities

3. Provide any officer or entity of government, technical and consultative assistance concerning energy cost management or conservation

4. Annually recommend specific operations and maintenance procedure modifications and capital projects for state-owned and leased buildings and facilities designed to reduce energy consumption and costs

5. Conduct surveys, audits, technical analysis, and other research or investigation related to government energy efficiency projects.

6. Issue a report describing the status of government energy efficiency projects and develop a study of existing energy conservation technologies, guidelines as may be necessary to aid the work of the committee.

As provided under Section 36 of the EEC-IRR, the IACC may invite resource persons or representatives from other government agencies and private entities such as Department of Information and Communications Technology, Board of Investments, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs, National Power Corporation, and National Electrification Administration during the IACC meetings to aid in the deliberations.

The IAEECC Secretariat shall be established under the Energy Utilization Management Bureau (EUMB). It shall be composed of the selected personnel of the EUMB and designated representatives of the concerned bureaus and offices. It shall have the functions to assist the IAEECC Chairperson in determining the meeting schedule and agenda, provide administrative and technical support, provide documents and reports which contain relevant, accurate, timely, and clear information, prepare the minutes of the meeting, meeting agenda, and meeting notes before scheduled meetings, prepare reports for submission to oversight agencies, and annual work program and perform other tasks and functions.

The EUMB monitors, analyses, and evaluates the reports on energy consumption and production statistics of industrial, commercial, and transport establishments. This is to determine how the energy utilization performance and energy conservation activities of these companies, including programs and investments, have been implemented and improved over the years and how these compare with the sectoral industry performance.